CEO / Keita Miyagawa

The automotive industry is in a state of flux against a backdrop of transitioning social issues, values, trends and innovation made possible through digital technology.

SCTM Engineering is a joint venture that incorporates the DNA of two powerful entities: Sumitomo Corporation, which engages in multifaceted business through “integrated corporate strength,” and Tech Mahindra, which brings exceptional knowledge, cutting-edge technology and development experience in many fields to customers across the globe, including Europe and North America.

To contribute to an advanced automotive industry and a better society, SCTM Engineering will provide solutions through our combined business expertise and unrivaled experience in the development field.

COO / Ravi Yellajosula

While Japanese engineering organizations are on the cusp of a new era in technology and business model innovation, the world of engineering and R&D is also embracing rapidly shifting enterprise engineering priorities.

Tech Mahindra is now a part of SCTM Engineering, a joint venture with Sumitomo Corporation, promoting elevated standards for engineering through next-generation innovation in the automotive industry. These include autonomous driving, connectivity and electrification, alongside front-line disruptive technologies.

SCTM Engineering will enable service-oriented business models for our customers, allowing them to select an optimal mix of onsite, offsite, nearshore, global and offshore delivery locations for superior cost performance and quality. Through co-innovation, we are pursuing excellence in engineering for our customers and stakeholders worldwide.


SCTM Engineering provides cutting-edge, highly cost-competitive engineering
services to satisfy our global customers.

Understanding Japan’s automotive sector

Sumitomo Corporation has over seventy years’ experience providing comprehensive support to Japanese customers. This gives SCTM Engineering a deep understanding of Japan’s automotive sector and enables us to deliver an accordingly high level of service.

Customer-centric service

Through a “Customer First” philosophy, we maximize customer satisfaction through service that guarantees we remain by our customers’ side to meet their every expectation.

Cutting-edge development capability

With access to Tech Mahindra’s sophisticated knowledge, vast expertise and development experience in fields including the CASE and digital areas in Europe and North America, SCTM Engineering provides cutting-edge engineering services and information to our customers.

Wide range of service

From consultation to workshops, mechanical to software, styling to branding and CX to aftermarket, our 360° solutions in the automotive industry cover the value chain our customers require.

Cost competitiveness through offshore development

Through our collaboration with Tech Mahindra, which offers high-quality, economically priced development resources in India, SCTM Engineering delivers world-class, cost-competitive services.

  • Extensive access to Japan’s industrial market
  • High corporate brand value and trust with Japanese customers
  • Alignment with Japanese business culture
  • Global bridge and local project management
  • Sumitomo's diverse, integrated value chain
  • Philosophy of accepting no limits, alternative thinking and driving positive change
  • Traditional and new digital technologies, IPs and frameworks
  • World-leading, cutting-edge knowledge and expertise
  • Vast development experience in the automotive engineering field
  • OPTISHORE delivery network for optimal, effective customer management



Company Name
SCTM Engineering Corporation
December 2020
Keita Miyagawa(CEO), Ravi Yellajosula(COO)
Paid in Capital
JPY 200,000,000
Head Office
1-1-1 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011 Imperial Hotel Tower 15F, Japan
Business description
SCTM Engineering provides automotive manufacturers and other manufacturing customers with global cutting-edge solutions for engineering needs in many automotive fields, especially the CASE and digital areas.
Sumitomo Corporation 50% Tech Mahindra Limited 50%

SCTM Engineering is a joint venture company established by Sumitomo Corporation and Tech Mahindra, each holding an equal stake. This new type of engineering company inherits the strengths of both stakeholders, including a vast network and wealth of business experience in Japan from Sumitomo Corporation, and advanced engineering and development expertise from Tech Mahindra. SCTM Engineering will contribute to the development of the automotive industry through high quality services offered to our customers.


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