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Emerge of SDV (Software Defined Vehicle)​

Smartphone brought a connectivity idea into vehicles. By connecting this device to display audio, users enjoy internet radio, navigation function and more.
This connectivity allowed us to add functionalities flexibly while functions of in-vehicle devices were fixed.

TCU (Telematics Control Unis) was installed into some vehicles mainly for emergency services such as e-call, but its penetration was limited.

However, TCU are now becoming standard equipment in a wide range of vehicles, from compact cars to luxury cars. Functions can be added after purchasing the vehicle and furthermore, car manufacturers are taking a more proactive approach to SDV, and the core of this approach is the connectivity that consists of in-vehicle devices and remote servers. ​




Connectivity (In-car / Out-car)
CS (Cyber ​​Security) and SU (Software Update) regulations were published at WP29 (World Forum for Harmonization of Automotive Standards). Updating to the latest software not only improves system reliability, but also accelerates a new concept called SDV (Software Defined Vehicle).​ ​



Cyber Security
Software updates and security risks are two sides of the same coin. Compliance with regulation and international standard such as UNR155 and ISO/SAE21434 is expected to maintain credibility.



Edge Cloud Computing
In order to meet the ever-increasing demands for in-vehicle systems, methods that perform part of the processing on the cloud side are becoming popular. Highly real-time processing will be handled at the edge (in-vehicle device), and complex processing will be handled in the cloud.​



Development Based on SDV
Previously, ECU functions were fixed, but a new concept called SDV has emerged, opening up a new path to "defining functions throughout the vehicle's lifetime.'"

Features of SCTM Engineering

TCU Development

Tech Mahindra, our parent company and project execution team, connects their own test lab and carrier lab to seamlessly support from evaluation at the early stages of development to carrier certification. We are also conducting field tests in over 90 countries and regions, including not only Europe and America, but also the Middle East and Africa.​

Srver Setup & Operation

Building a server requires not only technical support but also legal compliance. There is a growing trend to protect personal information, and we comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region by anonymization processing and granting access rights to each zone individually. When building and operating servers, we seamlessly support from architecture design to maintenance and operation.​

Cybersecurity Capability​

Both in-vehicle device and server need to be managed well to reduce security risks. Tech Mahindra, a leading IT company and our parent company, provides the best one-stop solution through the expertise and experience in both sides

Service Offerings

TCU Development

TCU Development​

We have experiences of evaluation test lab, unique development support tools, and worldwide field tests etc.

Server Construction & Operation

Server Construction & Operation

End to end services from architecture design to server operation/maintenance including data analysis and more are covered in our service.​



Security measures compliant with ISO/SAE21434 (CSE) are taken from both vehicle side and server side. By utilizing experience of Automotive SPICE including cybersecurity, we support the establishment and/or enhancement of your process.​



Our services are not limited to sever construction for OTA (In-car/Out-car). With our operation service of software maintenance, customers can reduce their workload drastucally.​



We offer wide range of services including stack/application integration, validation and certification.Ready-to-use platforms are also available.​




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