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Advanced Technology for More Reliability​

Thanks to technologies of passive safety, number of accidents involving loss of life is getting decreased. However, unexpected car accidents are still reported almost every day. To overcome this situation, active safety realized from ADAS is highly expected.

Reliability of safety functions has been increased with sensors such as camera, radar and LiDAR. At the same time, algorithm has been innovated by introducing ML (Machine Learning) technology. And now, AI is also widelu used.

When discussing safety and security, it is also necessary to discuss cybersecurity at the same time.




Advanced Sensors
Not only number of camera but also its resolution is increased. This kind of change requires high performance of processor transaction. New method of sharing transactions between cloud and edge is also introduced.​



AI technology
​The scope of AI processing is expanding from recognition, judgment, and operation to mapping and route optimization. In addition, AI is expected to bring solution in security area. ​



Data Utilization in Data Center
Previously data collected by vehicles were utilized in data center mainly in development phase. However, connectivity opened the door to utilize these data even in the operation phase. This is expected to enhance AD/ADAS functions.​



Advanced Reliability & Safety
Concept of functional has become widespread in automotive industry. Especially in AD/ADAS domain, higher level such as ASIL-D is required for airbags, brakes and steering etc.​

Features of SCTM Engineering

of functions​

Our wide range of experiences in AD/ADAS domain convers sensor fusion, image recognition and vehicle control. We can also provide our own IPs and support by experts from both Tech Mahindra and subsidiary AI specialty companies.​

Data Management

We offer end to end services from data collection by vehicle to data storage/processing in data center. Coverage of FoT exceeds 90 country/region worldwide. Collected data are processed and managed to protect personal information as per country rules and rwegulations. ​

Functional Safety​

We support the functional safety of control ECUs as well as operating equipment such as accelerators, brakes, and steering etc. for AD/ADAS. We have experences of developing functional safety up to ASIL-D and we have expanded the safety concept to the security domain and SOTIF.


Implementation of functions

Implementation of functions

We have experiences of developing brakes, steering, vehicle control (vertical and lateral control), etc. Customers can implement their own algorithms and utilize our own IP.



We have various experience covering sensor fusion, image recognition, LAT/LON (Lateral, Longitudinal) control, etc. Own IP and support by AI experts from AI specialty subsidiary companies and us can be provided.​



We have experiences of field FOT in over 90 countries and regions. Additionally, in compliance with the personal information protection and laws of each country, we are able to solutions such as annotation and management of the collected data, as well as transportation arrangement.​

Functional Safety

Functional Safety​

In addition to AD/ADAS control ECU, vehicle operation functions such as brake and steering etc. are covered in our services. We have experience up to ASIL-D in functional safety and we also support safety which is being expanded to SOTIF. ​

Data Management

Data Management​

We offer Eend to end services including data collection from vehicles, data storage, data transaction in data center. Our experience convers protection of individual informationas per each country's situation and data transaction with AI technology.​

Edge cloud Computing

Edge cloud Computing

By utilizing Tech Mahindra’s worldwide IT expertise, we support customers' edge-cloud computing from both edge side and cloud side.​



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