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Off-shore Development Center

Contributing to the optimization of overall development workload
by establishing development functions with offshore engineer resources

As the automotive industry is also facing a global shortage of engineering resources, it is necessary to have not only engineer resources
but also R&D function itself overseas in the near future.

SCTM Engineering will offer offshore development center (ODC) service to Japanese customers as well based on the experience of our parent compnay,
Tech Mahindra’s setup and support of for European and North American OEMs and Tier 1 customers .​




Advanced Offshore Resources
Utilization of talented engineer resources, including India, that leads to improved competitiveness and cost benefits​ is the key solution for resource shortage and improvement.



Efficirent Establishment of R&D Center
Without having to set up equipment overseas from initial phase, ESP (Engineering Service Provider) provides high-level security environments​.



Optimization of Development Workloads
Rather than securing offshore engineer resources in-house, ESP provides all resources for dedicated customers.



Optimization of Setup Effort
Minimizing the period and cost of dispatching an instructor to offshore center from customer side, it is required to accelerate the independence of the offshore development center.​

Features of SCTM Engineering

Initial Minimization
of Investment

In the early stages of establishing the offshore development center, Tech Mahindra will offer their own facilities and equipment within Tech Mahindra campus, and the customer will be able to start the center with Tech Mahindra's best engineers under a high level of security and confidentiality environment.

Know-how of Off-shore
Development Centers

In the last 10 years, Tech Mahindra has established more than 30 offshore development centers for customers, so SCTM Engineering will provide the accumulated know-how and support the customers for ODC set up

Smooth Communication
between domestic
R&D Headquarters 

As SCTM Engineering, we will provide support including bridge functions so that offshore development team can proceed the development smoothly with the customer’s headquarter in Japan.​



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