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Electrification in a Broad Sense​

In a narrow sense, Electrification means replacement of mechanical device with electrical one in automotive industry. Actually, however, Electrification has more important meaning, emission reduction and decarbonizing. Because this meaning is well understood by many users, number of EV is increasing year by year.
To accelerate the shift to EV, there are some challenges to be overcome. Cost of components, cruising distance, charging time, number of charging stations, etc.

Tech Mahindra, a leading company in IT industry, has a long history to contribute electrification from a narrow sense and a broad sense.​




Combination of mechanics and electronics
Many mechanical parts such as ICE*) and hydraulic steering system are being replaced with motors. However, still mechanical parts such as gear are important and these need to be integrated into system.​



Downsizing, weight saving and high performance
​Downsizing, weight saving and high performance are in conflict but required at the same time. This was achieved with the usage of high voltage and new material, thermal analysis and its countermeasure are important.​



Functional integration
​At the beginning of electrification, inverter, motor and gear were separate products. They are integrated into one product these days. e-Axle is the typical one.​



Cruising range 
​Cruising range of EV is getting longer mainly because of high battery capacity and high power density. In addition, technology of optimal battery control is mandatory.​

Features of SCTM Engineering

Wide Range of Capability

We covers wide range of products such as E-Axle, EPS, Inverter, etc. BMS (Battery Management System) developed by us is contributing to expansion of cruise distance.​

End to End Development​

We offer end to end services from concept design to BOM creation for mass production in mechanical, electrical, software and integrated system domains.​

EV Platform​

Tech Mahindra’s EV platform is being innovated. With this platform and your unique technologies, original and competitive products can be introduced into market quickly.

Service Offerings



Motor, inverter and gear are integrated into one package as e-axlw. Our e-axle lineup covers wide range of output.​



We have experience of system level control algorithm in addition to mechanical, electrical and software design.​

Battery Management System

Battery Management System​

Each cell will be controlled separately to get the best performance. We can measure SoC, SoH and others.​

EV Platform

EV Platform​

Currently, we can provide 2nd generation, integrating e-Axle, BMS and others as well as 3rd generation concept.

EV Charging Management

EV Charging Management​

By utilizing Tech Mahindra’s worldwide IT expertise, our solution to manage EV charging is offered. Smart charging, billing & payment and more are also covered in our service.​



Our expertise covers many other products necessary for electrification. Some examples are DC/DC converter, On Board Charge, Electronic Parking Brake etc.​



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