2. SCTM Engineering’s Advantages

SCTM Engineering’s Advantages


SCTM Engineering provides high-quality services as a customer-centric development partner.

The automotive industry is undergoing number of technological development initiatives such as carbon neutrality, autonomous driving, connected, SDV (Software Defined Vehicle), etc., and there is a constant need to update these new technologies that are constantly evolving.
In this major trend, we hear voices from the customers about shortage of development resources and struggles of collaboration with partners in different industries.

Automotive industry is said to be in a period of great change. To overcome this challenges, one of the solutions is to collaborate with an engineering partner, who is familiar with the business model and work style which is unique to Japanese automotive industry with technical capabilities that can handle both hardware and software.

Contribute to the development of the automotive industry in Japan as an engineering partner

SCTM Engineering is a joint venture between Sumitomo Corporation, which has deep knowledge and network in the automotive industry, and Tech Mahindra (Headquarter in India), which has a wealth of experience in automotive engineering, mainly in Europe and the United States.

From product concept to mass production launch, we will work closely with our customers as an engineering partner to solve various issues that arise in the field, thereby contributing to the development of the automotive industry in Japan.


Value propositions to work with SCTM Engineering

One-Stop Global Service (Concept to SOP)

From product concept to mass production launch, SCTM Engineering provides one-stop support for various projects through model-based development methods, while providing consulting, workshops, marketing research, and benchmarking etc. By outsourcing to us as per the customer’s needs and requests, we will contribute to the efficiency of development process optimization.
Addtionally, SCTM Engineering is collaborating with Tech Mahindra’s development centers around the world, mainly in India, and can handle global projects with virtual development teams. Leveraging our global resources, we will meet the needs of the automotive industry, from hardware to software, from styling to branding, from customer experience to after-sales services.

Service lineups

Customer benefits based on a wealth of experience

Customer benefits based on a wealth of experience

Tech Mahindra, which collaborates with SCTM Engineering, is an engineering company with a wealth of experience and achievements through development experience with OEMs and Tier 1 companies, mainly in Europe and the United States. Based on our past experience, we have created a framework of diverse knowledge and technologies required by the automotive industry, such as the automation of operations and the establishment of unique IP, which shortens the development period and contributes to cost reductions for our customers.

In addition, we utilize our global ecosystem to deploy best engineers to execute the project. Ability to provide best practices with superior technical capabilities with a wide range of options is also one of the strength of SCTM Engineering.

Project lead by a bilingual expert who is familiar with the automotive industry in Japan

For the businesses that utilize overseas resources such as offshore development, there are many cases where differences in language and commercial culture become blocking points. To overcome this challenges, it is essential to have a "coordinator" who is familiar with Japan's business model. Fulfilling this role is one of SCTM Engineering's missions.

SCTM Engineering has experienced members who are familiar with Japanese automotive industry and each corporate culture. While eliminating various problems caused by culture gaps, we will propose services that satisfy the detailed needs and requests from our customers. With a "customer-centric" attitude that respects and understands the strategy and business flow of each customer, we support to make it easier for them to start and expand offshore outsourcing as well.



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