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Electronics & Electronic Systems

Design of E&E Systems in response to CASE era

CASE is changing environment surrounding vehicles and one of the main change is connectivity. Nowadays, not only car navigation and display audio, for example, are connected to the smartphones but also vehicle itself is directly connected an communicates to external networks.

While autonomous driving is gaining momentum, many functions of ADAS systems are already installed. With these active safety systems, safety performance is continually improved.

Also, Environment-friendly electrification technologies are rapidly integrated in vehicles. Replacement from mechanical controls to those of E&E is adding new challenges to E&E system. To respond to these changes quickly, development method with higher efficiency than before is necessary. ​




“Connected” is now popular in automotive industry and new challenges are addressed such as cybersecurity, 5G, etc. To realize secure functionalities, hardware is also important.​



Reliability & Safety
High functionalities which represents AD/ADAS are required even in reliability and safety domain. This is not limited to critical safety vcomponents but others are also required to satisfy adequate level of safety. ​



​Mechanical functions such as hydraulic control system are being replaced with E&E systems. Better functions and higher performance is expected from their combination with software.​



Development Method
Model-based development started with software development, but by expanding it to the system level, including modeling of electrical, electronic, and mechanical hardware in addition to software, more accurate evaluation and verification can be performed in the early stages of development.

Features of SCTM Engineering

Digital Engineering​

We are evolving our development method from traditional code-based development to model-based development. It is also possible to evaluate the entire system by building a HIL by combining it with mechanical parts and software. Additionally, as heat dissipation design becomes more important due to higher voltages and higher currents, we are incorporating digital engineering into this field as well.

End to End

We provide end-to-end support in a wide range of fields, including e-axles, BMS (Battery Management System), and inverters, from concept to BOM creation just before mass production. We also support mechanical design and software development, so it enables design and evaluation of the entire system.

Functional Safety
and Security ​

We have several case studies of development with customers up to functional safety (ISO26262) and ASIL-D in airbags, other occupant safety devices, electric power steering, etc. In addition, we also support security aspects such as implementing HSM (Hardware Security Module).

Service Offerings

Circuit Design

Circuit Design​

Wide range experience from power device (e.g. Inverter) to high frequency circuit (e.g. TCU, Antenna). We also support custom design of semiconductor.

Board Design

Board Design​

We offer multi layer board/high density mounting design including thermal analysis, EMC reduction etc.​



Our testing platform enables highly automated testing. Thanks to the platform, testing coverage can be expanded to from E&E to system level.​

Automotive SPICE

Automotive SPICE​

We have long history and experience mainly with European OEM and Tier1 for Automotive SPICE. Consulting is also included in our services.​

Functional Safety

Functional Safety

In addition to AD/ADAS control ECU, vehicle operation functions such as brake and steering are also covered in our services. We have several cae studies for ASIL-D in functional safety.

System Integration

System Integration​

We provide the integration to system including mechanics and software, test environment setup and system level testing as service offerings.​



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