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Embedded Software Development​

Collaboration with New Players from Different Industries

Previously automotive industry was composed from hierarchy having OEM at the top of it. At that time, it was not easy to enter into this industry from others. After CASE technilogy emerged, many new players brought their strength into automotive industry.

A couple of examples are; introduction of Agile,CI/CD and DevOps as a new development method, utilization of partners who have understanding of ecosystem to allocate internal resource to concentrate on their own competitive area, and introduction concept and technology in security domain.

Since our parent company Tech Mahindra is an IT company including automotive sector, we keep creating new value from both automotive and IT experiences.​​




MBD (Model Based Development)
With this approach, accurate verification for algorithm etc. is now possible without physical device at early stage of development. MIL, SIL, PIL or HIL is setup based on the availability of modules.



For competitive area and non-competitive one, development efficiency of latter area is increased by commonization and reuse of software. Classic AUTOSAR with this approach is now being expanded to Adaptive AUTOSAR. ​



Functional Safety & Cybersecurity
ISO26262 has become popular in AD/ADAS domain to secure functionalities. Since safety concept is now being expanded to cybersecurity area, it is essential to reflect both functional safety and cybersecurity both to software design. ​



Next Generation EE Architecture
The architecture of in-vehicle electronic equipment systems is changing from a distributed type to a domain type to a zone type. This zone type uses HPC (High Performance Computing), and by introducing multi-OS and hypervisor, it enables flexible, safe and robust system construction.

Features of SCTM Engineering

MBD​ Capability

In addition to developing new models, we also accept modeling of existing software. Since we also develop plant models, it is possible to perform detailed verification of the control model to be developed. We also build environments such as MILS, SILS, PILS, and HILS according to the development stage.​

AUTOSAR​ Capability

Migration service is possible in addition to new development. We also support both Classic AUTOSAR and Adaptive AUTOSAR.​

Functional safety
& Cybersecurity​

We have experince of development up to functional safety (ISO26262) ASIL-D in airbags, other occupant safety devices, electric power steering, etc. In addition, in the area of ​​cybersecurity, we support from consulting on implementation of ISO21434 and UNR-155 compliance to actual execusion.




We support both new development and migration from legacy code. MIL, SIL, PIL and HIL are setup in accordance with development phase.

Agile development & CI/CD

Agile development & CI/CD

IIn addition to experience in agile development, we also have a track record of CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery). We can also introduce our DevOps experience.​​



Both new development and migration are covered in our services. We also support the combination of Classic AUTOSAR and Adaptive AUTOSAR.

Functional Safety

Functional Safety​

In addition to AD/ADAS control ECU, vehicle operation functions such as brake and steering are covered in our services. We have experience of developing functional safety (ISO26262) up to ASIL-D.

Next Generation EE Architecture

Next Generation EE Architecture​

E&E architectures are moving towards zonal architecture. We have created a reference platform in collaboration with major semiconductor manufacturers, which allows early market introduction at minimum cost.​



The safety concept defined in ISO26262 is being extended to SOTIF (ISO21448), which covers the safety of the intended functions. We can also introduce our experience in SOTIF.​



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